IRIS - Intelligent Reporting


IRIS reporting system is an online and offline portal for Inspectors, clients and the project team where quality control and communication is key. With all reports and information stored in the cloud the system can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time from any web accessible device.

Our Vision

The advancement in technology over the years has now allowed the coating industry to move into a new era with the development of online and offline reporting. The days of completing excel and word documents will eventually phase out and in time all Inspectors will be using this type of reporting system, in essence it speeds up the process and gives all parties involved in the project real time information on the quality control processes as they happen.

Our Solution

IRIS allows either individuals or companies to register to use the system. Companies can add multi users and upload their corporate identity to customize their dashboard and reports. Individual users can also customize their dashboard and reports.
Unlimited projects and reports can be created through the system, upload the specification and select the standards (ISO, ASTM, SSPC, NACE) which are pre-loaded which will then automatically populate the reports as they are created.
Add the project team contacts which allows email access through the system when any non conformance, corrective actions, journals or technical queries are raised. Once a document is raised which is already pre-populate with the project information, then just send to the project contacts, a record of the date and time is recorded in the sent area for future reference.

Our Product

The system has many other unique features and functions including the equipment section which provides notifications when equipment needs calibrating, the other unique feature of the system is that multi users can complete and add information to one report (if added as an inspector to a project) with IRIS recognizing who has uploaded the inputted the data.
The overall ease of use and speed will reduce reporting time whilst allowing the inspection and test data to be reported in line with the current standards.
IRIS also allows the user to invite anyone from the project team or beyond to register as a free user which will allow direct access to their own unique project dashboard (view only account) so information can viewed and collected as required.
The IRIS app allows users the opportunity to work off line by adding the inspection and testing data along with photos and then upload the data direct to the IRIS system when back online.

IRIS Intelligent Reporting for the Protective Coatings Industry

IRIS Intelligent Reporting for the Protective Coatings Industry


The IRIS Team

IRIS Intelligent Reporting for the Protective Coatings Industry

The IRIS team comprises of ICorr and NACE level 3 inspectors, the UK’s leading paint consultant and our dynamic and creative IT team.
The concept of IRIS started back in 2011 as we felt there was a need to speed up the reporting process whilst reporting in line with various International standards i.e. ISO, ASTM, SSPC and NACE.

The team spent many hours deliberating over the concept and basically how do we build this complex system. Initially the structure of the standards were put together in various forms of graphs which gave an understanding and a starting point on how to report the collected data.
From here on the built started, but as per any new project complications came and went as they were solved and now we have a stream lined system we are proud to open up to coating industry.