IRIS - Intelligent Reporting

About Paint Technology Solutions

Paint Technology Solutions Ltd is a software design company specifically for the Protective Coating Industry.

The design of the IRIS ‘an acronym of Intelligent Reporting Inspection Software has been in the design build stage for over 2 years – starting in 2011 with final completion for market launch towards the end of 2013.

As the design and development of IRIS under PTS has allowed options to advance the system for bespoke solutions to meet client needs, it also facilitates the needs of independent inspectors and small inspection firms to have the facility to use this advance reporting system to meet market demands for quality control reporting in real time.

Customized Development

The PTS design team have years of experience in the Protective Coating Industry and can look at the various needs of companies to bespoke the system to integrate into their own IT systems. 
It might be your an asset owner requiring a survey condition report package which needs to run alongside the specifications and the actual site works programme covering the quality control, this flexible and versatile solution means asset management can be controlled to achieve a maximum benefit of the design life and document control.

Bespoke Solutions for the Protective Coating Industry

Please contact us for Bespoke solutions to provide asset management control or an inspection package to suit your business needs.

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